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July Paintings II


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What’s Wrong with Seduction?

  In a June meeting, to review my progress on the MRes, Professor Steve Dixon commented (after seeing some of my photographs) on the seductive nature of graffiti he had encountered in India. This term resurfaced after a talk at … Continue reading

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Glasses of Water. Glasses of Milk.

  I first approached the Castlefield Gallery show in a foul mood, recovering from a heavy cold. Due to the nature of the show, I am unclear just how much of the response to the work was actually about my … Continue reading

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On Paintings and Words that Fail Them

 On first looking at the painting in Madrid,  during May 2014, I was overwhelmed by a physical reaction to the way that the paint was applied. Thinner passages, thicker impasto areas and glossy paint contrasted with more matt areas. However … Continue reading

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A New Essence? Or the Death of the Death of Painting

The painter Nigel Cooke (2012) opens his PhD thesis with a discussion of “the long-dead conversation around the death of painting”[i]: he explains that painting still occurs in many amateur contexts and he continues to describe the ‘death’ as inherently … Continue reading

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Speculative Paintings I: On Meaning

  After obliterating previous unsuccessful paintings with a dense, opaque mars black and burnt umber acrylic (mixed with matt painting medium) it became apparent to me that I had fulfilled my supervisor Ian’s concerns about the malaise inherent in my … Continue reading

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