April: Manifesto

Lewis Sykes suggested writing a manifesto in order to clarify my research. This has helped to focus my thoughts on those aspects of my work that seem important:

I am for dumb material creativity. I am for knowledge. I am for confusion and destruction. I am for change. I am for repetition. I am for refrain. I am for inconsistency. I am for matter. I am for paint. I am for life compressed into paintings and the purity of painting. I am for me, I am for it, I am for the trivial and the important. I am for concentration and distraction, for finding beauty in ugliness, and crudeness in beauty. I am for being led down unexpected routes. I am for becoming my surroundings, I am for separation. I am for the street, I am for the studio. I am for ruination, for disorder as a creative force. I am for entering assemblages that can achieve more than I can ever hope to achieve on my own.


Overall it has brought up a series of conflicts within my practice which seem to have resonance with much of  Andre Breton and the surrealists’ thoughts on creative practice.


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