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July Paintings II


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July Paintings I


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What’s Wrong with Seduction?

  In a June meeting, to review my progress on the MRes, Professor Steve Dixon commented (after seeing some of my photographs) on the seductive nature of graffiti he had encountered in India. This term resurfaced after a talk at … Continue reading

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Looking Forward

Some of Nigel Cooke’s  descriptions of different epochs of painting make me consider the Border Paintings exhibition in a revised light: Glazing     Measure Windows in the Bankley Project Space and the view from other windows? Concern for proportions … Continue reading

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Paradox and Conflict

  “Painting As Paradox is an exercise in synthesizing the research of eclectic practices of young emerging artists grappling with various legacies of painting. Their work reflects a continual gesturing towards tradition and a concurrent redefinition of painting in contemporary … Continue reading

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On Painting and Not Knowing II

Yesterday’s supervisory meeting with Myna and Tim was thought provoking. I felt that Tim provided many answers to the continuation of my research on ruination, whilst it seemed like Myna pushed through into the nature of the project and pulled … Continue reading

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Glasses of Water. Glasses of Milk.

  I first approached the Castlefield Gallery show in a foul mood, recovering from a heavy cold. Due to the nature of the show, I am unclear just how much of the response to the work was actually about my … Continue reading

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Border Paintings: Solo Exhibition

    Initially it seemed as if the project space would work well as a backdrop for my paintings; all the same concerns were present: dirt, a build up of marks on surfaces, disorder and ruination. But on deciding which … Continue reading

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